Our Trailblazers form a unique network of professional impact makers. Alumni of the Trailblazers program can join the alumni network for 99€ per year. The network provides access to inspiring lectures, master classes and the knowledge of the alumni among themselves, through focus groups and peer review sessions.

In addition to the Trailblazers alumni network, Trailblazers have access to the broader ImpactMakers Network. This is a large network of young professionals and impact businesses throughout the Netherlands who have attended a program centered on social improvement. The ImpactMakers Network has proven to be the incubator of many a start-up, scale-up and intrapreneurship initiative in impact entrepreneurial Holland.

The Trailblazers network as an organization builds on the network of its parent organization Starters4Communities, which has been active in the social and impact entrepreneurship domain since 2013 and over the years has built a broad network of socially driven initiatives, organizations, agencies and companies. 

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