Impact entrepreneurship - formerly known as social entrepreneurship - is about marketing solutions that fulfill a basic social need. It is thus not about a luxury, but about a service or product that helps society move forward without depleting others or nature in the process. Sustainability and fair, social production or creation are thus two sides of the same coin.

In the Trailblazers program, you work on a social problem from the ground up. This problem is linked to your skills as a professional, the opportunities that your network offers and the resources and knowledge that the organization affiliated with you can bring to an innovative solution. In fact, the program involves impactful action as a 'pilot' to continue this in daily life after the program and to inspire others in this.


The Trailblazers program is about impact entrepreneurship in the broadest sense of the word. Both about possibly starting a business and about entrepreneurship within an organization, also known as intrapreneurship. Impact making can focus purely on sustainability or social improvements and everything in between. The program is a unique and modern way of leadership development that adds value to start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and corporates alike.