Making impact is something anyone can do. Not everyone has the knowledge or resources to go from idea to actual impact. The Trailblazer makes the path accessible for everyone to make impact.


With the Trailblazers program, we aim to ensure that making positive impact becomes the norm among entrepreneurs and within organizations in the Netherlands and across Europe. With a pool of over sixty program coordinators, specialized trainers, leadership coaches and a methodology refined over ten years, we are uniquely positioned to give entrepreneurial Holland the right tools. Read more about our team.

Making impact includes entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, impact-driven leadership, innovating and corporate social responsibility. Read more about these topics in relation to Trailblazers or follow the links below for a deeper understanding of what our program can do for you or your organization. 

At Trailblazers we believe in impact entrepreneurship as the basis of a healthy, fair and sustainable economy. Only organizations that are sincere in this and act from a true "purpose" have a right to exist in the new economy.

Without good leadership, no direction. Without an inspiring environment, no talent. Only the organization that continuously invests in the development of its employees will attract and retain talent.

Good innovation management determines the sustainability of product, service and revenue model. The fast-paced, digital world has a short time frame and every stakeholder expects to be at the center of any change or innovation. The right culture and management will keep your organization agile.

The days of just complying are over. The 21st century is all about conscious living. Without clear and sustainable added value, an organization quickly loses its right to exist. Trailblazers make the organization conscious, responsible and progressive.

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