About us

Trailblazers originated from the insight that making impact is easier said than done for many companies, organizations and agencies. For a start-up, it's easier to build a product or service around a societal problem. For large, often standardized organizations, it is a big effort to make a small iteration. At least it seems that way.

Trailblazers shows that anyone can make a difference. Our alumni are able to initiate a cultural shift within an organization which enables the positive impact to spread. Participating companies gain many new insights and inspiration from the group, and individuals who participate gain access to unique partners and potential team members. The Trailblazers: Impact Driven New Business Development programme ensures that making a positive impact becomes inclusive and accessible.


The Trailblazer programme stems from the S4C Method, a practical teaching method developed in 2013 by Starters, Trailblazers' founding organization. The method starts with the exploration of the SDGs and then works towards a prototype using Design Thinking and other techniques. Our coordinators, trainers and coaches with the most experience and knowledge guide the Trailblazer participants in their mission.

In parallel with the creative, innovation process, the programme works on the skills needed to set the right example and empower others. This is done using the Impact Leadership method developed by Trailblazers. The mix of product-, and personal development ensures that action-oriented work, productivity, sustainability, leadership and teamwork are front and center at Trailblazers.

Op het Starters blog is more about our method, case studies, philosophy, opinion, personal stories and an insight can be gained into our broader ecosystem. On the Starters4Communities impact page we report on our social impact as an organization.

The Trailblazers


Jan van Veelen

Lead Impact Driven NBD

Clara van Haaften

Lead Impact Leadership

Tirsa van Diemen

Lead Design Thinking


Paul de Kuyper


Raoul Becher

Creative Director

Wieke Meilink



Sander Heijne

Journalist, historian and author

Bas van Abel

Founder Fairphone and the Clique

Skadi Mobius

Co-founder Move to Impact