The impact of Trailblazers:

Meet Melissa Maikoe (30) - one of the participants of the first Trailblazers programme. Melissa works at Stichting Present Amsterdam, supporting companies in their CSR operations. Despite enjoying her work, she was looking for more depth, knowledge and personal challenges to put directly into practice. And she succeeded at Trailblazers! In this article, she tells us more about it and we discuss her personal experience with Trailblazers.

Do you want to start impactful entrepreneurship, but doubt that the Trailblazers program fits your needs? Are you curious if your case fits within the Trailblazers program or do you want to spar with our team about what your case could be. Then come to the information session on Wednesday, March 13 in Amsterdam!

The Trailblazers programme is designed for entrepreneurs, managers, and CSR coordinators who want to grow their skills in impact entrepreneurship. For participants from both the commercial and public sectors, the programme provides a unique opportunity to be empowered.

In this article, we focus on the tremendous growth opportunities for the public sector. What exactly are the two growth opportunities that Trailblazers offer? Why should colleagues - especially from the public sector - work on their personal leadership? And what added value does the programme bring to organizations in the public sector? You'll find the answers to these questions – and more – in this article…

It has now been 3 weeks since the end of the impact journey of the participants of the first Trailblazers program. We look back on an innovative, motivating and above all inspiring journey with the participants. Therefore, it is now time to look back on this journey. For what were the participants' final reactions and ratings? What will they take away from the program in their further impact journey? And what were the absolute highlights of the program? You can read this and more in the article.

A few weeks ago, the third last training day for the former participants of the Trailblazers program was scheduled. This time the group met at an innovative and unique location in Rotterdam: Blue City. Today, the old Tropicana swimming pool has been transformed into an incubator of circular economy and served as an inspiring base for the day....

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