What does growth look like when profit is secondary? What are the building blocks of a non-depleting economy? How can established businesses thrive in times of transition? In its new program, Trailblazers trains professionals to be their own guides in times of transition. With the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) around the corner, the new EU legislation starting in 2024, this is no luxury. To launch Trailblazers, Paul de Kuyper speaks with frontrunners and frontier explorers in search of the seeds of the new economy.

in gesprek met Sander Heijne, Wendeline Besier, peter hobbelen, sandra balliJ, marthijn junggeburth, paul van der linden en sabine biesheuvel

In Trailblazers' interview series Frontrunners & Frontier Explorers , experts share their perspective on entrepreneurship in times of transition. The first guest in the series is journalist and historian Sander Heijne, author of Phantom Growth and known for the podcasts BV Nederland and the Ommezwaai. He talks about pitfalls from the past; how they affect the present and what is needed to break through them in the future. Next as guests: Wendeline Besier (Director of Sustainability at Dura Vermeer), Peter Hobbelen (Director of CONFED), Sandra Ballij (CEO at CTalents), Marthijn Junggeburth (Sustainability Manager at Swinkels Family Brewers), Paul van der Linden (CEO of Enviu) and Sabine Biesheuvel (Co-founder and director of Blue City).



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