Continuously improving services or products and innovating at the right time is pretty much the essence of a successful, sustainable business. Doing this quickly, pragmatically and in a balanced way is what distinguishes the successful manager from the failing manager. But how do you create the right culture that is always open to experimentation but also knows how to keep focus on achieving the set goals?


During the Trailblazers program, professionals discover where their strengths lie when it comes to product development. They also learn how the knowledge and skills of others can be properly combined and used to achieve a successful result. In both the wilderness and today's fast-paced, digital VUCA world, the scientific method is not always the best way to achieve the optimal result. Trailblazers know when and what works best for each situation.


By working quickly towards a prototype and making improvements in an iterative manner and in collaboration -or co-creation- with users, a final product can be achieved in no time at all with which an investor, gate-keeper, first customer or other facilitator can be convinced. Once everyone in the organization is introduced to this structured process, the creativity and innovation power can be unleashed "bottom-up" from across the organization. It is up to the managers and leaders to build, excite and manage the "experimentation culture.