The Trailblazers programme is designed for entrepreneurs, managers, and CSR coordinators who want to grow their skills in impact entrepreneurship. For participants from both the commercial and public sectors, the programme provides a unique opportunity to be empowered.

In this article, we focus on the tremendous growth opportunities for the public sector. What exactly are the two growth opportunities that Trailblazers offer? Why should colleagues - especially from the public sector - work on their personal leadership? And what added value does the programme bring to organizations in the public sector? You'll find the answers to these questions – and more – in this article…


During the three-month Trailblazers programme, participants delve into personal leadership, a case study from their professional field, and are trained to become impact leaders. The programme is perfect for those who want to participate in a two-in-one trajectory and truly bring about change within the public sector. At Trailblazers, we believe that real change must be intrinsically driven. It doesn't come from external consulting firms and imposed advice; it comes from within. Colleagues in municipal offices, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities must feel it themselves. Only then change can and will happen. Hence, the Trailblazers programme offers a two-in-one solution:

The first learning path focuses on an impact case within the participant's organization. This could be, for example, within the HR department of a municipality with the question, 'How can we implement a future proof and more inclusive recruitment and selection policy?' Or a university with the case: 'How can we better connect with the practical field in our city or region?' Each participant works on a unique and resonating case, creating an extra dimension of motivation and drive.

The second learning path specifically targets the soft and hard skills of the participants. At Trailblazers, we believe that the individuals driving the necessary change must be empowered. Therefore, participants are trained in leadership skills, we explore personal change models, and we work on communication. All these aspects ensure that participants recognize their distinctive talents and motivations and can leverage them for a sustainable and socially responsible world.



One of our former participants is Anke from Maastricht. Anke has been working in the public sector, particularly in (elderly) care, throughout her entire career. Before the programme, Anke hoped for new insights into her case and wanted to enrich her experiences and perspectives. Having completed the programme, she says, "I am super enthusiastic and full of appreciation for the Trailblazers programme. Trailblazers came into my life at the right moment." She also shares more about the cross-pollination among participants from different sectors: "It was particularly inspiring, pleasant, and enjoyable. I now realize that half of the success lies in the energy of and within the group."

"I am super enthusiastic and full of appreciation. Trailblazers came into my life at the right moment."

The combination of the two learning paths enables both Anke and the other participants to stand in their power and encourages them to realise innovations. By staying in constant contact, Trailblazers believe the chances of success increase. And this success is only real when the impact innovation genuinely resonates and works - or starts working - in practice.



Are you working in the public sector? Do you have a deep-rooted drive to bring about change from within yourself or the organization where you work? And do you have a case or issue that makes your hands itch? Then the Trailblazers programme offers a unique opportunity for you. During the programme, you will be trained to become an impact leader and equipped with the necessary tools to start making a positive impact immediately. Would you like to read more and delve deeper? Click on the button below:


The Trailblazers programme can be partially financed from the personal development budget, but Trailblazers encourages you to emphasize the added value for the organization. You develop yourself – as a change leader – even further, and with your participation, the organization realizes change.

The next programme starts on April 12: and you can still be part of it! Start making a change and contact us to explore how the programme can be valuable for you and your organization!