Sustainable entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Impact driven entrepreneurship refer to the ability to maintain, or better yet, improve social, economic and environmental conditions in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It involves striking a balance between meeting the needs of the present and protecting natural resources and ecosystems for the future. Long-term value creation.


But how can you create a world where humans can thrive without depleting the planet's resources or harming other living things without hitting the economy? A little waste reduction and separation, a little more renewable energy sources we can all do. But is it enough? Are social and economic systems equipped to make the change that is really needed to promote both basic human needs and at the same time equality, fairness and social justice?


Consciousness involves the perception of the external world and internal mental processes, including thoughts, feelings and sensations. It is the subjective experience of being aware of the environment and one's own existence. Similarly, one can be conscious about existence as humanity and the effect of our actions on the larger system of man, society and nature. But how aware are we really of our actions? And how many people are really happy with their work?


Consciousness is closely linked to philosophical, psychological and ethical questions, such as the nature of free will, the relationship between body and mind, and the moral and legal implications of consciousness in terms of responsibility and accountability. As an organization and actor in society, this has a role to play. Looking away is no longer possible. And not just because social media can assist as an external audit committee, but precisely because social and environmental impacts are known. 


By increasing one's personal awareness and exploring one's own values, both individual and organizational, bridges can be built for creating a valuable career and adding value to a future-proof society. This search from the Ikigai, along with a deep understanding of impact-driven entrepreneurship and impact leadership are the foundation of the Trailblazer. We see our alumni becoming closer to themselves and continuing to contribute to society in a conscious way, whether as entrepreneurs or within an existing organization.