Are you working as a team leader, manager or entrepreneur and want to work with your organization on social and sustainable change? Then meet the innovative Trailblazers program and come to the Co-Creation Café for an afternoon of inspiration and innovation!

In Trailblazers' interview series Frontrunners & Frontier Explorers of Trailblazers, experts share their perspective on entrepreneurship in times of transition. What does growth look like when profit is secondary? What are the building blocks of a non-depleting economy? How can established businesses thrive in times of transition? To launch Trailblazers, Paul de Kuyper speaks with frontrunners and frontier explorers in search of the seeds of the new economy.

What are sustainable market transformations? And how did entrepreneurs succeed in greening their operations? In the interview series Frontrunners & Frontier Explorers experts gave their reading and listening tips. Which podcasts and books about a sustainable future are not to be missed? We've listed the tips for you here.